It's as simple as that.

Carlotta Studios is all about creating an environment able to accommodate any production, any brief.

We have four very different and complementary studio spaces:
* Massive sound stage with Cyclorama and commercial kitchen
* Daylight studio with its own kitchen
* Social media studio filled with props, flats, surfaces and textures.
* Egg studio.

All our studios come with 3 Phase power and access to onsite catering. If you require sets, props or other magic tricks, let us know. We may just be able to help!

Our studios are connected. Shoot your TVC on the main stage while doing photography downstairs.

Sound stage

EntireStudio: 468m2
Cyclorama: 252m2
Cyclorama height : 6.3m
Height to the grid : 7.3m

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Daylight studio

EntireStudio: 242m2
Kitchen: 26m2

Refrigeration room: 6m2

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Social media

EntireStudio: 218m2

Shared Studio A: 75m2
Shared Studio B: 85m2

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Egg studio

EntireStudio: 149m2

Egg: 32m2

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